The Never-ending Recession

December 31, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to spit of this damned recession. I’m sick of the lying that it’s not a recession. The fact is, that no matter what the GDP figures say or any other economic indicator says for that matter, the economy still sucks and every politician, every CEO, and every economist who can’t ante up should be fired for it. Over a decade ago I lived in a country that had a far worse economy than the U.S. does now and no matter how much GDP growth they recorded, the lived like they were in a recession. People just didn’t spend any money, save for beer, cigarettes, and other necessities. But there they were used to living like that and they were less materialistic than Westerners and thus made more with less and were happy about it. They made 1/10th of our median income but they smiled more in general.

Americans, meanwhile, tend to get snippy when you take away their spoils. I am by nature an optimist.  I know you can never blame anyone solely for a recession, but I felt like it was time to start laying out some of the blame. There’s so much of that to go around. Later on, we can discuss payback.

Taking Exception to American Exceptionalism

December 28, 2011

American Exceptionlism says simply that America, in terms of its organization, its Constitution, its recognition of human rights, and its opposition to tyranny, etc, make it an exception to the rule of tyranny, injustice and general inhumanity that has plagued all the other civilizations the globe has ever known.

There is something troubling to me about the term “exceptionalism,” well, actually, to what the term has become. It smacks of Me-First-ism. It reminds of all the mistakes we have made in recent decades because of the blindness we have towards history and geography, geopolitics, religion, and related issues.

My guess is that this concept at one time implied a certain kind of isolationism that went along with it. We were an exceptional nation, we attracted people from all over the world because we were free from the ethnic, political, and religious strife, and we didn’t meddle in other people’s affairs. How far that bird has flown from its nest!

The GOP Girls and God

September 9, 2011

We've got much better girls than the Democrats do -- now what will it take for them to keep their eyes on the ball (or get out of the batting box)?

Milwaukee Turning?

July 15, 2011

Some 44 years after race riots rocked Milwaukee, the specter of racial violence returned. This podcast examines Milwaukee's past in racial violence and where a new and equally evil form of racial violence may take the white libs from here.

Going Tribal in Peoria

July 3, 2011

One of the most important aspect of the contemporary “race” debate in America is the lack of honest and open discussion about it. If we are still stuck in the mire of using non-descriptive and misleading labels to describe ethnic tensions like “white,” and “black,” and “race,” then what hope do we have to develop a clear solution to this problem? And if we are still loading the deck so that only one constituent of society, a “protected” class if you will, has the social and cultural backing to mass together and go tribal, what hope do we have of avoiding an all out tribe war down the line? With that thought, here is an update & analysis of the latest goings of the so-called race-riots in Peoria and Philadelphia.

To Disperse the Gloomulous Cloud

June 25, 2011

"The solution to this country’s economic slide is beyond politics, but as I said, it is cultural or social, and here is where I completely fall off the political map of Left or Right and will alienate both tribes, including the center, whatever that is. First, we have no morals, no God, no nothing but our egos, our i-Phones and our Weiners, which have nowhere to go by Gaga over themselves. We cower to the rich, the famous, and the terrorist and we don’t live for much else besides our selves and our kin (if that). Second, we don’t make anything anymore – we’re too busy trying to get one over on each other to make a buck. And third, we want to leave it up to the next guy to make things better for us, and that ends up being the guys in the spotlight, whether they’re president, the whining sports stud, or some Hollywood ho-bag. I’d say, as usual, it’s a load of bad choices. And therein is the irony: In the land where the consumer is king, you would think we’d have good things to choose from, right? But we don't!"